Screen Printing Tips 

Screen Printing is a great and economical way to advertise your business, brand or message.  We'll help you get your logo, your artwork or your ideas onto the shirts, caps or gear that you want to see them on.

What is Screen Printing?

Screen printing is a type of printing in which ink is pushed through a screen with a squeegee onto a substrate. Screens are made by producing a positive of the customers' artwork and exposing to UV light through the film. The screen is washed out leaving only areas that were exposed to the UV light.

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How long does an order take?

Please allow 7 - 10 days which includes processing and sorting your order.


We offer screen printing  on T-shirts, Fleece apparel like Sweatshirts, Hoodies and Sweat Pants and hundreds of other products. See our online showcase.


We offer many different brands that are available in wide range of colors and prices...from fashion tees, tees with pockets, long sleeve tees and more.


Prices are based on total quantity, the color and type of garments, how many colors in your design(s) and how many locations you print.

Quantity Price Breaks

Yes we offer price breaks - the more you order the more you save!

Tips to save money

  1. Print fewer colors. (Each color requires a different screen)
  2. Print on fewer locations (for ex. Center Chest Only).
  3. Order light colored T-shirts (For ex. White, neutrals or pastels). It is more expensive to print on dark apparel as it often requires a flash cure or white underlay to avoid the ink bleeding through to the fabric color.

The 6 Steps of Production

  1. Art
  2. Film Output
  3. Screen Preparation
  4. Getting Ready to Print
  5. Printing
  6. Ink Curing & Drying


Art begins with your imagination. Either a drawing on paper or computer generated art. In any case, the end result of the art will be computerized and separated by colors onto a clear film positive. For each color in your design we will need a film positive. For each film positive, we will need a screen. In short, the less colors in your design, the less expensive your printing cost will be.

Film Output

This is a process of taking a design from the computer and printing each color onto its own clear film. It is just like printing to your inkjet or laser printer.

Screen Preparation

A screen is made for each color in a design. They are rectangular in size and vary in mesh count. Each screen has a color punched out (exposed) to let ink flow through onto the product. A three color design would have 3 screens, each printed separately to create the final 3 color effect.

Getting Ready To Print

After making and exposing the screens, the printing press is prepped for printing. This is done by setting each screen (color) into the press heads They are set  in order by color, light colors first in sequence to the darkest color, usually black last. We need to align each print color to the other to ensure correct registration throughout the printing process.

We then add ink colors to the screens and then squeegees to the screen print heads. The squeegees will move across the screen to push the ink through and onto the apparel.


There are two types of printing machines; manual presses and automatic presses. They both function the same way by layering colors down onto the product. Smaller jobs will print on the manual press. Machines come in many sizes; some can print 1 color and others can print 16 colors.

Ink Curing & Drying

Screen-printing is a wet process. When the product comes off the press the ink is still wet and needs to be dried/cured using heat.

After the shirt is printed we place it on the dryers moving belt. The temperature inside the dryer is about 980 degrees. The shirt will only stay inside of its dying chamber for about 37 seconds, enough to heat the shirt and ink to about 350 degrees. There is usually one more person on the other end of the dryer for quality control and folding.

Standard Sizes for Screen Printing

The Logo Chic Difference
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Chic\, a. [F. Cf. Chic, n.] Original and in good taste or form. [Colloq.]

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